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I've always been a neat freak, who happened to grow up between a messy sister and equally brother. Sorry guys. Yes, the Middle Children Syndrome is real.

Now that I am a parent, I find my cleaning obsessions harder to handle. When it was just me, things could stay in their places for a long time.

Today, if I put down my food to pick up a napkin, there's a bite or two missing and a bunch of crumbs on the floor. Boy, have things changed. 

I can't be the only neat freak with a child, so this blog if for those of us who are in a similar situation. 

How do we maintain our homes and our sanity while still allowing our kids to be kids?

Well, I think I finally found that balance and it's certainly a learning experience. All the degrees in the world can't prepare you for real life. Up until now, I have only used my MFA (Masters in Creative Writing) to teach at colleges. I have been putting off being creative because it just didn't feel like it was my time. I was more focused on running a clean house and being a good mother. My hope is that I can now be a teacher, mom and a writer! How's that for a balance!

Thank you for helping me navigate through the mess and onto something wonderful!

Now, go clean your room! JK.

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