From Mess to Yes! Converting an Extra Closet into a Cute Reading Nook

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I'm all about organizing common objects together. Nothing bothers me more than when there are similar items spread all over the house. Crayons in the sink, shoes on the steps, plates in the bedroom! In my house, doll accessories are the culprit. There are places for things, for a reason. But when you have know the deal.

So, I had this idea, since my daughter was a bit obsessed with LOL dolls, to convert her second closest into a haven for everything LOL. That meant I did not want to see a doll sitting on my desk, a miniature wig in the bathroom or step on a tiny shoe going up the stairs. These dolls, which everyone in the family insists on getting her for every occasion (I'm guilty of getting her a few too) were taking over!

It all seemed to be going well, until I realized it wasn't quite ideal for her to play in the closet. When she was in there, I couldn't walk into her room and she couldn't come up without tripping on her toys.

So out with the LOL closet. This is what I did instead:

Now she can comfortably sit and play with her dolls, and we can both easily move around the room.

But that left me with an empty closet and got me thinking! I wanted to turn it into something that was useful and fun. My daughter loves to read, and that means there are books all over the house. I decided to turn the closet into a cute reading nook just for her. The best part? It cost absolutely nothing! I used everything I had and just got creative.

I took the shelf that the dollhouse was on and converted into a bench. I threw a body pillow on it, folded it in half and voila, the perfect reading spot.

I then gathered all of her books from around the house and put them on the top shelf of the closet. I used a small shelf that I had from Ikea, added her lamp, and a few other accessories I found around her room.

This is how it came out!

My daughter has since added her "special touch" to her reading sanctuary, including a bin just for library books. It was a simple, no-cost way to turn an unused closet into something my child can enjoy!

Can you find a small place in your own home that can be transformed into a magical place for your child?


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