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"You Don't Own a Roll of Foil?!?" And 6 More Alternatives to Common Kitchen Waste

I'm going to make this short and sweet, without the long spiel of why we all should reduce the amount of garbage we inadvertently create out of convenience.

I think it's pretty clear by now; Minimalism=Less Waste. Super simple.

Check out how I get away without buying everyday kitchen items and how I replaced them greener solutions...if you're interested in that sort of thing!

Plastic Wrap

Like foil, plastic wrap can easily be replaced with Beeswax covers or reusable silicone ones. This is what I use for everything food-related! Granted, if you get lazy (like me) and don't wash them right away, you will have a harder time adjusting to life with them. Tip: Don't be lazy like me, wash after using.

I also invested in glass containers with lids, so that all leftovers and meals go right into them. I bake directly in them and eat out of them. Then, it's easier to toss the leftovers back into the oven directly from the fridge. Remember, no microwave, so glass is the optimal choice.

I also use the containers to freeze batches of food that I make in bulk. I have replaced the easy-to-heat unhealthy meals in the freezer with those which are homemade and ready to go!

Cupcake Wrappers

Who needs them? I grease all of my muffin and cake pans with coconut oil. See below for more uses for this multi-purpose must-have kitchen item. My muffins, cupcakes, and baked goods come out with a nice crispy texture and taste amazing. Bonus: No paper stuck to your cupcakes and they come out ready to eat because who can wait?

Plastic Sandwich Bags

Not in this house! Reusable bags are easier to come by these days. Back in my day (cue the violin) I would have to spend a fortune on cumbersome and bulky bags that were harder to open and close than they were helpful. Be lucky, sustainably is now a common household word. (End speech)

But how do you pack lunch for your child? Oh, that? A simple bento box. It's cute, reusable, and pretty durable.

Extra lunch tips: Pack a real fork or spoon, so that your child doesn't reach for a plastic spork at school. You can include a fabric napkin if your kid isn't too much of a mess and don't forget a reusable juice container. Again, all this stuff is now available for super cheap!

Cooking Spray

Coconut Oil! A glass jar of coconut oil has replaced so many convenience items in my kitchen. I can grease pans, use it for cooking, in recipes and so much more. It's amazing how far a jar goes! Seriously, try it!

Bonus tip: After greasing pans, I rub the oil on my hands, arms, and face like a lotion. It's great for your skin! There's nothing this stuff can't do. Except for actually cooking means for you; I asked, it won't.

Fancy Utensils and One Job items

Everything in your house should work for you, especially in your kitchen. Unless you are a chef and need a special knife or gadget for something, most of us probably can do without them.

Pare down the stuff that you barely use. Do you need a specialty lettuce spinner when a towel will do? A cherry pitter? A garlic tickler? A cheese massager? An olive liberator? I don't know what these things are called, but you get the picture. Too much is too much! Cut the clutter and open your kitchen drawers again!

Plastic Take-out containers

Remember those glass containers I was referring to before? Why not pack one in your car or on your way out to dinner? Use it for your leftovers. The great part is that they are less likely to leak than the plastic containers and you can pop them right into the oven when you get home. Clear glass will allow you to see what's in them when you open the fridge, so there's less chance you will find a moldy science experience in a few weeks!

Okay, so I promised to make this short, so here goes! Let me know what alternative you have found for common kitchen items.

Every step forward is a success and I'm proud of you! Keep going!

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